Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tea Time

Aah. A peaceful Wednesday night. A huge mug of herbal tea with honey. Folky girl music. A sinus infection that's calmed down long enough for my migraine/chest pains to subside. Why can't every night be like this?

Well, alright. I would probably get bored. That's the reason I moved down here, to have some sort of social life. I just didn't realize that when I moved into a house with 4 other people it would be a 24-7 social life full of constant visitors, football games (yes, even in April - I hate DVDs), video games, and persistent guitar strumming. But I suppose that I have to have the craziness in order to appreciate the calmness.

The good/bad thing about quiet nights is that they lend themselves to thinking, and not always about productive things. For example, do I want to stay here? Do I want to move back to NJ and try to get a job in the City (that's New York City for all you misguided MD/PA folks out there who think Baltimore/DC/Philly when I say that)?

I moved away to NOT fall into the perpetual cycle that is my home town. Girl born. Girl goes to school. Girl goes to college. Woman marries. Woman gives birth to child. Repeat. Notice "relocating" wasn't mentioned anywhere in there. I did it! I got away! I successfully established myself somewhere that was not within 20 blocks of my childhood home. So why do I methodically watch episodes of Sex & the City and Law & Order in hopes of fulfilling the emptiness inside my chest. Is it homesickness, or is a truly a feeling of not-belonging anywhere else but within a stone's throw of the New York Skyline ?

Since this is a fairly new feeling, and I've been down here almost two years, I am unwilling to give up right away. I'm about 2 feet from DC - I can't say I'm not happy here without thoroughly exploring what it has to offer...and most things are FREE...which is so not the case anywhere in New York.

I've already conquered the following: National Zoo, National Museum of Natural History, National Gallery of Art (East & West Wings), and the National Mall. I also want to see the state/national parks around here. I've already been to Great Falls (beautiful), but I'm not satisfied. If anyone has any suggestions, please, send them my way.

For now, this herbal tea is doing this job in soothing my throat and my mind so its off to bed.

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